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In our mastermind, you will learn and execute strategies of today's successful real estate investors. You will get help overcoming obstacles and crushing your goals. And you will build an invaluable network of like-minded investors.

Take action, stay motivated and build the future of your dreams so you 

  • Weekly 60-min Mastermind Calls: Discuss progress, challenges and goals every week.
  • ​Monthly Q&As with Industry Leading Professionals: Hear from real estate professionals like flippers, lenders, developers, contractors, property managers, syndicators and more. 
  • ​Acquisition Best Practices: One call every month will be dedicated to discussing the lynchpin of every REI business - acquiring high-performing investments!
  • ​Experience: You will be REQUIRED to take action and gain experience.
  • ​Hot Seats: We hold your feet to the fire in rapid fire group discussions about your business.
  • Access to Gray Line: Work with investors who built a six-figure business in just 5 months!
  • Investment Strategies: Flips, rentals, wholesaling, seller financing, notes... you name it - we've done it. Now, we want to share our trade secrets with you!
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What is Expected of YOU!
Take Action
Action spurs growth. You MUST be willing to act on your real estate investment goals. If you aren't ready to decisively act on what you learn, this is not the group for you.
On our weekly calls, you will hold yourself and others accountable for making progress. You will receive and provide direct and honest feedback with the expectation of growth and success. 
Be of Value
Be a go-giver! Participate, share your perspective and help others solve problems. Together we will tackle challenges, grow as investors and create the future of our dreams.

The Gray Line Story

Justin Key
Chief Marketing Officer

Frank Scappaticci
Chief Executive Officer

Erin Helle
Chief Operation Officer

John Plumstead
Chief Investment Officer

In 2019, Erin, Frank, John and I were real estate investors at a crossroads. Over the last four years, we individually bought rentals and flipped homes. During that time, we experienced wins and losses, but, most importantly, we gained a lot of experience. We dreamed of pursuing our passion for real estate full-time. But, like so many other investors, we were struggling to find high-quality investments

All four of us being West Point graduates in the same class (2009), we’d been in touch over the years and frequently discussed real estate. Eventually, John recognized our shared challenge of finding deeply discounted homes. He knew that together we would be unstoppable. So he suggested we join forces and try acquisition techniques used by successful house flippers. We banded together with the shared goal of acquiring 10 off-market rentals by the end of the year. 

Gray Line Investments was born. 

We chose our first market - Lawton, OK. We pulled our first list, divided it amongst the group, and began manually cold-texting potential sellers offering owners a cash purchase and a two-week closing. We quickly realized it was going to be harder than expected. 

In fact, it was a disaster. We struggled to manage the hundreds of text messages we sent. We didn’t have a way of tracking potential leads. We didn’t live in the market and couldn’t meet sellers face-to-face. We found ourselves in dire straits. 

We had a decision to make: realize our ineptitude and abandon our dream or bear down, grit our teeth and commit to figuring it out. We chose the latter. After intense brainstorming, we realized our biggest opportunity was to leverage technology and systems to streamline our process.

While working full-time jobs, we fought and scratched our way to building a system capable of acquiring multiple off-market, deeply discounted homes each month. We quickly grew to the point where we had more deals than we could service with our own funds. So we adopted a wholesaling business model and began selling our contracts to other investors. 

Seemingly overnight, Gray Line grew from acquiring a single off-market property in Oklahoma to consistently acquiring more than ten off-market opportunities a month. So we doubled down our efforts, hired more amazing employees, and put our foot on the gas.

Today, Gray Line investments is a six-figure wholesaling machine. We offer 15-20 off-market opportunities to investors each month. We flip homes. We raise money from partners. And, now, we are teaching others to do the same.

Our mission is to become the premier buyer, seller and thought leader of off-market real estate in the United States. Our dream is to build a community that improves people’s lives through real estate investing, education, mentorship and giving back to veterans.

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